I didn’t come in last

It was my first race. And I didn’t come in last – I came in 60th place – out of 90… and as I inspect the result list I see that I finshed right after a 70-year-old man. But that’s OK – good for him! I’m just glad I wasn’t last.

The Summer Solstice 5K at White Rock Lake sounded like a good first race – a small group, familiar territory. I registered the day before the race because my friend Sylvia mentioned it on Facebook, so I thought I’d tag along and maybe learn a thing or two. Sylvia is a two-time Ironman finisher – need I say more? 

The morning of the race, I woke up early to gingerly safety pin my racing number to my bright blue racing shirt that I’d received at registration.

Now most people know that wearing the band shirt to that band’s concert is way dorky. Is it that way with these small races – or races in general? I don’t know – but I do know I felt like an L 7 weenie decked out in my loose fitting royal blue jersey once I quickly noticed that pretty much everyone had on their cool high tech racing gear. 

Oh well – shake it off, I told myself. Scanning the crowd I found Sylvia and her husband Hugh. Together we perused the free energy samples and I snatched up a tasty looking red mix to add to my water. A few good shakes and the red substance dribbled down my hand and wrist. I looked like I’d just shoved my hand in the garbage disposal. Not a great look for running! 

The race was fun – I “ran” three miles without stopping. Something I’ve never come close to achieving before. And my running buddy Sylvia finished first in her age group! She’s a super star! 

Lessons Learned:

1. Don’t wear dorky racing jersey

2. Stay away from “True Blood” energy drinks

3. You’re never too old to run

4. In six weeks I’ve accomplished so much – I know I’ll conquer the half marathon!